Friday, 23 September 2011

Breakfast Time: Power Yoghurt!

Recently I have taken up a healthier lifestyle, and have started exercising regularly. Looking deeper into healthy foods, I was glad to find that many of my favorite foods have now become ‘health fads’. Lentils, beans, new supplements, are all on the list. One absolute favorite food of mine is yoghurt.

 Yoghurt has recently become a health fad in North America, while it has been a staple on the breakfast and dinner table in the Middle East. The difference is, that Egyptians and other Middle Easterners like their yoghurt unsweetened, and may add honey to it as a sweetener, or just have it plain. In the USA for example, it was not easy to find plain yoghurt. Most were sweetened and colored, and the most ‘plain’ you could get was vanilla flavored. Now with the introduction of Greek yoghurt (very similar to the Middle Eastern yogurt), plain yogurt is more available. Also, with the widespread loving for more natural foods, pro-biotic yoghurt has also entered the yoghurt shelf.

One of my yoghurt breakfast recipes is so simple yet so filling I had to share. It is sweet so could be eaten as a dessert for calorie conscious people, or omit the honey all together if you are adventurous and don’t want the extra sugar. The wheat germ gives it a nice texture and unique nuttiness. I find it in Egypt in the Imtenan health shop. But be careful since it must stay refrigerated or it will go bad.

This is my personal preference on how to make this, but it is so simple, feel free to find your favorite mix. Fresh fruit is always nice instead of the honey.

The “power yoghurt” is just under 200 calories, which is great for watching your weight.


- 2 small cups (220gm) of your favorite yoghurt, I use plain Activia light.
- 1 Tbsp raw wheat germ
- 2 whole walnuts crushed
- dash of cinnamon
- 1 tsp Honey

Mix them all together and be prepared to have your mind blown in healthy goodness!


How do you like your yoghurt?


  1. I love where you are going with this! Healthier eating is my choice but without giving up taste. I prefer to stay away from sugar and in the U.S they load everything up with sugar. This yogurt sounds great! I've got some plain yogurt in the refrigerator ( I don't know where it came from but I'm using it) and It looks like I have everything else too.
    It sounds like you have a lot of great ideas:) thanks for the recipe. If I lived in Cairo I'd definitely take some cooking lessons from you. I need serious help.

  2. Elijah you can train yourself to use less sugar. Our taste buds become de-sensitized from all the sugar and salt in our foods. Try this with only 1 tsp of honey, then you can gradually reduce it until you don't need any. Same thing with the salt, start reducing the salt in your food gradually. You will be surprised how different foods taste, and you will be able to actually taste different flavors better!

  3. I do have a problem with salt:) I'll do that. I made the yoghurt. It was great! I felt energized and not that heavy feeling from eating a large amount of food for breakfast. It was filling. I don't think I ate again till 2:00pm. I didn't feel I needed to eat till then. Great recipe! Thanks. I have to go buy more plain yoghurt now.

  4. I have a suggestion for you. How about trying to include from time to time the cost of meals (in Egyptian pounds and perhaps a conversion in US dollars too) that you provide recipes for. It might take some effort, but would be interesting to get a feel of the cost too. You may provide just an estimation not necessarily and exact number. Not only can this be something interesting for your readers in Egypt and abroad but it will also keep you price-conscious for the lovely recipes you are presenting to us in so colorful photos! I just love it!

  5. HI Ashraf, This is a great idea, and I actually wanted to do so, but needed to do some research first. Maybe I will do something simpler and give estimates for some posts. Thanks for the input!