Sunday, 20 November 2011

Make your skin crawl: Graveyard Cake

Spooky Cake, but perfect for Chocoholics!

This year I wanted to make a Halloween party with spooky, but simple, treats. I loved the idea of a graveyard cake, and made up my own recipe which was a hit.

For added spookiness, I made tombstones with the guest’s names on them using cookies. The cake could also be great for a birthday party, as an unexpected cake!


1- In a rectangular or square pan or ovenproof glass dish, make a batch of brownies, you want it to be thin, so use a bigger pan than you usually would to prepare the brownies. You can get the recipe here.

2- After the brownies have totally cooled, prepare a batch of chocolate pudding, following the recipe here.

3- Cover with cling film and stick in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

3- Crush Oreos, (I used Borio, the local Egyptian Oreo substitute,they work as well!) This will serve as the dirt in your graveyard.

4- Sprinkle the ‘dirt’, and add in gummy worms for added gruesome effect.

5- Prepare your tombstones by using the backs of oval shaped cookies, and write the names of your guests on them using icing. Stick them in the cake.

Voila! The graveyard cake is ready!

It is best to eat it on the same day, so the pudding doesn’t fully leech into the brownies. Not like there will be any leftovers from this scrumptious cake anyway.

What spooky dish makes your skin crawl?

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  1. It was really skin crawling :S... but most delicious