Saturday 3 March 2012

Thyme and Fava Bean Salad

** This is part of my vegan Soup to Nuts fava bean recipe series. For a list of different recipes, check out this post about fava beans! **

Wanting to take different flavor combinations for my Fava Bean [Fuul Heraty] mania, I aimed for an Italian-ish salad. Originally intending to use rocket or watercress, I ended up using the milder iceberg lettuce and red cabbage combo, and a strong dressing.


-         ½ cup Olive oil
-         1/3 cup Balsamic vinegar
-         1/3 cup Fresh thyme, chopped finely
-         3 fresh basil leaves, torn [I had to use dry basil]
-         Salt and pepper
-         Dash of paprika [or chili powder if you can take the heat]

Veggies [adjust the ratios to your liking, I really didn’t measure anything out!] :

-         Your favorite greens, I used lettuce with some red cabbage, since I already had that in the fridge.    
           For a spicier salad, use rocket or watercress.
-         Cherry tomatoes
-         Fresh fava beans [if you can stop snacking on them!]

Wash and chop the veggies, do not chop the beans.

Mix up the dressing items in an old jar with a lid, then close the lid and shake like there is no tomorrow.

I like to add the dressing on the salad right before eating; the lettuce stays crispier that way.


Salad, do you hate it or love it? How do you eat your salad?


  1. I absolutely love salads, and I like the concept of adding fresh legumes to a salad. I like how you "Italianized" this dish ... will have to try it one day when/if I can get my hands on some fresh fava beans. What beans/legumes would be a suitable alternative if I can't (ever) find fresh fava in the States?

  2. I think Lima beans would be the best alternative.

  3. I adore salads and pretty much have at least one a day if not more. I even eat my fuul medames on salad (needless to say the extended family think that's pretty weird). This sounds delicious, I'm going on a hunt for fresh fava beans tomorrow!

  4. Great share thanks for writing this