Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Second Time's the Charm: Creamy Twice Baked Potatoes

When I saw this post by Chef John, I knew this was exactly what I was going to make for my sister and her husband when they were over for dinner. I was surprised on how easy they were, although time consuming to bake large potatoes. They are so versatile and I made two flavor mixes, one was with dill and one with cheese chives, and chili powder, my fav mashed potato mix. I wanted to try a garlic one, but the rest of the food was very garlicky and I had spring onions I needed to finish up.

These are very nice when you have a small number of people over and can make 1 potato for each person. I loved that they looked so fancy after they were baked and tasted phenomenal. These were as big a hit as my roasted sweet potatoes

- Baked potatoes, as many as you need
- 1/2 stick butter [I used this for 6 potatoes, adjust to your amount]
- Salt, pepper and any flavorings you like

Some flavoring ideas are:

- Garlic, paprika
- Spring onions,  cheese and chili [I've tried this!]
- Dill, and onions
- Mushrooms, onions and celery [sautee them first], this would be a good gluten free 'Stuffing' flavored option.


Bake the potatoes in the oven, in foil, make sure to make slits in the potato so they don't explode. They will take time in the oven, and the larger the potato the longer it will take.

After they are ready, allow to cool until they are easy enough to handle, and cut off the tops, so about 1/4th of the potato. Keep the tops.

Carefully, scoop out the insides in a bowl, mix in the rest of the ingredients and mash well.

Place the tops back in the bottom of the potatoes then scoop in the mix, and put them back in the oven to brown the tops.


What is a fancy potato dish that you like?

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