Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ramadan 2014

Happy Ramadan everyone. Yes, it's that time of year where Muslims around the globe fast from sunrise until sunset.

It's been a hectic year, moving to a new country, (trying) learning a new language and now moving to anew apartment again in a few weeks.

I was able to do an all time favorite, Konafa.

It is a dessert which is widespread across the Middle East and Turkey. Long thing hair-like strings of semi cooked dough which we press with butter and layer in the middle nuts or cream.

Here are the pics I was able to take. Follow me on Instagram @theseriouseater for more updates and daily pictures of what I am (or am not) up to!

Take a look at these Ramadan classics:

- Karkadeh, the ultimate Ramadan drink.

- Omm Ali, Egyptian bread pudding with a sinister history.

- The best Yoghurt Breakfast for Sehour (Pre-Dawn meal)

- Save time during the next ten days which are left in Ramadan by stocking up your freezer this weekend.